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In response to the knowledge that our middle school children are beginning to develop awareness of events around the world which are so often crisis situations which involve some sort of violence, we are working on scheduling a summer NY trip for the Middle School Friends to visit the United Nations to learn about their role in global peace efforts.  we will also visit QUNO – The Quaker United Nations Organization to learn what they do in relation to the U.N. and global peace work.

As we are planning our summer trip we look back fondly on our first MSF trip in July 2014 which was to Washington DC to meet with the Friends Committee on National Legislation – FCNL.  The children learned about climate change and met personally with Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick during their visit to speak about this issue.  Special highlights include: a visit to the House Floor during a session and a visit to the Speakers balcony which had an amazing view of the Mall and Washington Monument – all thanks to Congressman Fitzpatrick!

A White House tour and tour of the Capital rounded out their Washington trip.  But the learning didn’t end when they returned from the trip.  The Middle Schoolers were inspired to create a petition on climate change which they took responsibility of getting signatures on during our meetings’ annual Flea Market in September.  They were able to gather more than 300 hundred signatures – which we are told is a great feat as most petitions go to legislator’s offices with far less than 100 signatures.

Please visit the links below to find out more:

Friends Journal Article About the Washington Trip:   www.friendsjournal.org/affirming-the-heart-of-climate-advocacy/

     You Tube Video:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aymkM2tDrEo&feature=youtu.be